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Breyer/Schleich Latex Polo Wraps - Set of 2

Breyer/Schleich Latex Polo Wraps - Set of 2

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Handmade Polo Wraps for Breyer/Peter Stone or Schleich model horses!*

🐴 Tack up your model horses in style! Self-adhesive bandage wraps conform to any shape leg and do not need tape or clips to stay in position.

🐴 They are sold as a set of 2 and they come in both Schleich and Breyer/Peter Stone sizes! Breyer size fits both Classics (1:12) and Traditional (1:9), and Schleich size fits most average size Schleich horses. If you need a custom size for a draft horse, stablemate, etc., please send me an email and I'll be happy to help! They come in lots of colors. Polo wraps are small, so are best suited for children old enough to not eat toys.

*WARNING: Polo wraps contain latex!!

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